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Load and edit gView GIS OS Data in ArcMap

With gView GIS OS (vector) data is stored in a gView Feature Database. This database may be an MS Access, MS SQL (Express) or Postgre. In addition to these format gview GIS also supports other open data sources such as Shapefiles, PostGIS, MS Sql Spatial, etc. The aim of this project is to show how all readable with gview GIS (vector) data sources can be displayed in ESRI ArcMap. The advantage here is that these data can be thus made available to a broader community. In addition, these data is also partially editable in ArcMap. For example, this extension allows you to display and edit PostGIS Data with ArcMap.

Binaries for ArcGis 10.0 are included in the gView GIS OS project setup file. The gView GIS OS Binaries are required anyway to compile the project for your ArcGIS version. Download the documentation PDF file for this project and see how to install this extension in ArcMap.

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